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About Me



Hi I'm Chantelle Kirstie, the owner of Jar'd Up by CK, but you can call me "CK"! I am 23 years old and a CSUF 2022 graduate! I have been baking since elementary school and my passion has never left. My baking obsession all started because of watching Cake Boss growing up and an Easy Bake Oven we bought one Black Friday night (thanks to my Auntie Marlene)!

Since a young age, I started baking during my free time. I started out with box mixes to now making everything from scratch with the best ingredients. I have had several career dreams since I was little that include acting and working for the music industry (that I both still continue to pursue), but also a dream to own a bakery one day.

Over the last few years, I realized that I can actually use my baking skills and turn it into a business. I am always the one to bring baked goods to family gatherings or birthday celebrations. Hearing feedback from my friends and family have really motivated me that I can actually bake something yummy that makes people happy! 

I started selling baked goods to just family and friends back in 2018. This business has had a few name changes throughout the years because I wasn't sure what I wanted to specialize in. But after discovering different ways to eat sweets and making my specialty cake jars, I knew that cake jars are going to be a hit. Therefore, Jar'd Up by CK was created! And since then, I officially started selling cake jars my first semester of college in 2018. The popularity of the cake jars grew and grew to now where I have so many customers from my school, as well as all over Orange County! My menu continues to grow with new cake jar flavors because there are endless combinations! 

I continue to learn everyday about the industry and learn more techniques so that I can further my skills. Hopefully one day, I will have that dream bakery truck or store front!

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